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4-piece PR kick-start package: Accelerate your marketing so you can grow bigger, faster

By Kathleen Rake

Save nowSave nearly 50% off à la carte pricing with a 4-PIECE PR KICK-START PACKAGE

Here’s everything you get . . . but first,
here’s how we get you ready.

You provide us with any hard-copy or online bits you’d like us to review or feel. We then interview you for 30 – 60 minutes, asking all sorts of questions, including:

What do you want to accomplish?
When do you want to see results?
Who do you define as your audience(s)?
What are its pain points?

Additional phone calls and emails may be necessary to clarify some points. From the answers you give at the interview and the information we glean from reviewed material, we build these four critical communications pieces for you . . . and you have them forever, to use as you wish.

Professional Bio
Sing a Snappy Song

Yes, you need one; we all do. Unfortunately, most of us struggle and spend way too much time putting one together. You need your bio to sing a short, snappy, memorable song, rather than a complicated ballad with a boring melody and easy-to-forget lyrics.

Am I right? (You know I am.)

It’s not easy to condense your long list of important attributes, credentials, expertise, and experience into a short, effective piece—the kind other pros in your industry are happy to use in their materials, and the kind yet others are happy to read.

The professional bio we create for you is perfect for your website and brochure, or when you send out important news, participate in a high-level conference, speak to a local non-profit group, deliver workshops, and more.

Value: $297

About Us Feature

You want your audience to know who you are—whether the who you are is your organization, your key players, or you. When you share key information about you, others (especially those who will buy what you sell) grow to like and trust you because they feel they know you.

Use the About Us on your website, in proposals when answering RFPs, or where your audience (read: clients/buyers) can easily access the information.

Value: $347

Stuff, not Fluff

Okay, okay. Let’s clear up some misunderstandings surrounding advertorials, starting with two things they are NOT.

  1. Advertorials are not fluff pieces; instead, they are articles written to provide a particular audience with relevant information, the sort of information that audience needs and wants.
  2. Advertorials are not sales pitches; rather, they are written in a journalistic style, without hyperbole or frenetic exclamation marks, so they fit easily into a regular, real publication, either online or in hard copy.

Advertorials closely resemble editorial—the regular staff-written articles you read in a newspaper or magazine—but you pay for them, so they are considered advertising.

And this bit is important: Because you pay for advertorials, you control the message.

Value: $597

Media Release

The media release is a powerful and cost-effective marketing and promotions tool, especially for a growing organization like yours. A media release helps you build credibility—something you need so you can get an edge over your more established competition.

The media release is written in a journalistic style and resembles a news story, with timely, relevant, and newsworthy information. And, unlike its close cousin the advertorial, a media release is always FREE to publish. But, remember when we said you control the message with a paid advertorial? That’s not the case with the media release because, well, you don’t pay for it. However, a well-crafted media release can often inspire a journalist to interview you for a real-life news story (we call this earned media), which is the BEST promotion of all.

Value: $647

Take these four pieces individually

  • Professional Bio ($297)
  • About Us Feature ($347)
  • Advertorial ($597)
  • Media Release ($647)

and you’d pay $1,888 for the lot. Worth it at that price—easily—because we work hard to make sure the pieces deliver the right messages to the right people . . . and that means you get the results you want.

But, when you take the pieces together, you save $891 . . . more than 47% off . . . and that’s like getting the media release (one of the most valuable tools in your marketing and PR tool chest) and dinner for two (wine, tax, and tip included) at The Keg for freeWhew.


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