The business of freelance writing: We're happy to answer your questions
BoFW: Should you ask existing customers for referrals?

BoFW: How do you avoid getting stuck with unpaid invoices?

By Kathleen Rake

Are you considering making the move from in-house or staff writer, journalist, or author to full- or part-time freelance writer? 

We know that move can be scary—we've been there!

We want to help you shake off some of that fear by answering your questions about the business of freelance writing (#BoFW) right here. So, let's go:


How do you avoid getting stuck with unpaid invoices?


We do two things we do to ensure we don't get "stuck." First, we write a detailed proposal that the client reads and signs. You'll want to make sure the client understands what you will do, what you won't do, delivery date(s), number of revisions, and more. The second thing we do is ask for (and get!) a deposit on the project before we start.

Freelance Friday-Thought for the day (1)


Are you a writer who wants to make the move to professional freelancer? We are happy to answer your questions. Ask them here, on Facebook or Twitter, by email, or at Instagram. As we get questions, we'll share them (and our answers) with you here. We will use your name if, and only if, you give us permission.

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